Smoothers Shaving Machine Health Hazards

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay 

Smoother is a barber machine used in balding to make the shaved body parts glossy like a forehead. Many bald customers get with it over the regular balding machine. It has teeth that revolve enclosed in three different nozzles. These teeth, in turn, pick the hair deep down at the follicle by plucking out. It has no scratching effect and silent. The strand plucked scientifically without any slight pain.

However, it has an irritating and soring effect from the pores after some days of shaving. It prods me off the nacet razor blade shave, way back when I was a class, two pupils. It would look like bright iron sheets reflective buildings from Kisumu town. It was only in Kisumu town where getting a new iron sheet building was easier.

The skin is very receptive when the hair is plucked unreservedly from it since it leaves injury pores, which reacts after some days. Be sure your skin is not sensitive before you could allow a barber to spray it with a disinfectant in the name of shaving you. The first time you experience it through bald and beard duties, you will recommend it for the best, till two or so days when things take a different twist.

The blades are enclosed inside, so, edging in for disinfection is quite hectic. It requires regular cleaning and disinfection after each shave. Also, it involves some professional techniques to bring about. Many barbers are torpid to do that. They ignore this more when the customers are many on a waiting bay. During the shaving process, trashes gets swallowed into the nozzle. Finally, they accumulate inside, deterring the rotation of the blades. When tiny, they agglomerate as you shave each client after the other. The germs easily transferred to the next walk-in.

During this vigorous run over, the hairs pluck out, pores created, and then germs and fungi get free entry. The above customer must experience strange reactions that could push him to the wall to see a doctor. They are whitish pale swollen sores that run continuously on the shaved part like smallpox infections. The deep itching experience causes one to pop them. The mind does not have peace until your dirty nails, which would spread the virus to the next level, land there.

I know like the palm of my hands how careless most barbers would handle this simple machine before he takes on the customer. It might be even more infectious if the last client had undergone the same problem then ignorantly comes back for the same service. Make sure he; the barber cleans it to your satisfaction. Advise him to vandalize the machine and repack it to its functionality after thorough disinfection. And still, when the shaving is in process, it should be re-vandalized to dispense out the trash tacked in the nozzle. During the shaving process, dandruff and the hairs mix up to produce a sticky substance that blocks the vent making shaving difficult. Besides, the material mentioned above may infect the harmed pores.

The balding machine is the best option for this since it cuts the hair deep down the root without any injury involved. It slices, it does not pluck hairs. Apart from ‘stinging’ which only comes when a barber is a trainee, it has immense health importance.

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