Bhang and Tobacco smokers; this is how to take care of your chapped lips.

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Dry lips are an obvious factor to determine when one has smoked either weed or cigarette. After that thorough rough puff into that something, it is safer to take care of your lips lest you develop lips/mouth ulcers. The chapped lips are as a result of irritation on the sensitive skin around the lips.

Cigarette contains nicotine which reduces saliva flow to your mouth, meaning cuts or scratches heal more slowly. Nicotine and tar transfer to the lips through the inhalation of the cigarette smoke, causing lips to discolor and crack because the blood flow interfered with after along use.

Body dehydration after smoking bhang is equal to the amount of water lost during a warm-up exercise. Dehydration signs do start from the lips. When you go longer without water after smoking marijuana, your lips will crack more. Then you will be tempted to lick with thick saliva. It is authentic; you will have a bad day with your lips.

Thick saliva coats the lips with enzymes that react with cold air in the atmosphere to irritate the lips. According to Elizabeth Enocks: 7 Subtle Marijuana Mistakes You Might Be Making. When you get high, the receptors on the floor of your mouth temporarily stop producing saliva.

THT, which is a component found in marijuana, quickly dehydrates the brain and other soft tissues found in the body. These water are lost through the bladder within the next 20 minutes, causing the lips to dry. However, it is health benefits to detoxification as one would crave to drink more water and release them after a few minutes.

Ways to keep your lips safe.

It is extra essential to chug water if you don’t want your whole mouth to dry up and stay dried up the entire day after you smoke. Water sips through the deep hidden buccal surfaces and mixes with saliva to give a soft ‘lubrication.’ However, drinking water before eating anything after smoking weed or cigarettes may cause retching. Warm water or warm lemon water works better.

Clean your lips with a wet cotton cloth, rub it over your lips for removal of loose dry skin till it becomes smooth.

Apply Aremi’s gel onto your lips to keep them moist. Its usage to keep the young baby’s skin smooth is widespread. It has no chemical additives making it the best option to choose. Without water around and you are that high, it would moisten your lips for long. Nevertheless, it requires one to carry it along because it got wiped out after a few hours.

Eat a lot of fruits like watermelon and cucumber. Watermelon keeps the body and skin hydrated. They help to keep lips soft and smooth. Fruits like lemon, pineapple, and mango have a burning washing effect on the lips. They wash away all the dry flakes on the lips as well as a good breath.

Exfoliate with honey and aloe vera to remove dead and flaky loose skin. They have the compound with which could fight the lips infection. Choose organic honey, and apply on your lips the whole day using our fingers. Rub it gently to smear the dry lips properly till it is absorbed. Aloe vera bitter juice formed a thick gel on the lips to moisturize the lips. Sugar could help in the place for honey, but the raw sugar is hell.

Application of all-natural almond oil and coconut oil on the lips after every successful smoking is also the best way to go. Almond oils contain fatty oils which make great natural conditioners which moisten, soften, and glisten the lips. Apply a small amount of oil on your fingertip and smear directly onto your lips three times a day for the best result.

Apply lip balms that protect against drying. They have the contents formulated with nourishing additives like vitamin E and Coconut or palm oil. These additives reinforce the natural barrier on your lip skin to block out external drying agents and maintains moisture within.

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