Beware of Loose Car-number Plates











Photo by: Pinkrays fashions

Slipshod car number plates could destroy your clean garment within a twinkle of an eye. Gosh! Hautamini nguo zako tena. Clady zako zitakuwa mess! It is implausible to lose your cloth carelessly in that manner.

It is even more disappointing to walk in that style. Your mood, which was enjoying every moment of the journey, forced to switch on to a panicking field filled by different tempo.

Parked saloon cars and small matatus have those loose number plates with the briery corners protruded in a way that tears free cloths passing by. Victims of such unique prospects complained to me that it gets you at those three winks; you are either late for interviews or meeting that particular person for a severe tryst.

This incidence also has happened on a busy traffic road. You tend to cross in front of a slow or spaced car only to get caught at your ‘leg’ by the number plate. A man moves at an average speed of 5km/h. This movement, when met with resistance from sharp objects, will leave a significant tear.

The fabrics followed thread lines when a weak point reached. The owners of these cars are not bothered at all by these shucks and jives. Some drivers are not there in the first place. The windscreens closed up with tinting and alarm warnings ready to alert the crowd of your ambush.

The cost of purchasing a number plate is significantly higher than mounting it. It is hitherto at the mounting that everything changes to shoddy. The unique super styled rectangular modeled plate that displays the identity of a new shaped car in Kenya fixed absentmindedly while the owner watches like a busy body. Maybe their targets are red-ripen at the tips. Buying a car is expensive, yes, but the torn linen is also costly in its capacity.

Places, where these incidences are frequent, are the churches in the parking lot. Here everyone is a victim. David Ndugire is an excellent example in this line. He is a catholic believer at Holy Family Basilica.

Once, he had to go back home and avoid the service. After having parked his car smoothly to join the service, while crossing through to the trekker’s designate, an unfortunate lack mingled with him; a car number plate tore his right foot three-piece suit.

‘‘I looked unseasoned before people who were rushing to catch up with time! I looked at the environment surrounding me and concluded going back home to have some rest. My day was damn spoiled.’’ He said.

Supermarket parking lots are also dangerous for linens. Here is where you are likely to meet many vehicles parked hurriedly to save the owner’s time. The stewards have shifted their focus at the gate as if they can deal with Al Shabaab extremists head-on.

The imbecilic takes the advantage to risk others’ grooming. When you happen to find yourself in such horrific places, try to cross with your garment in your mind. Be cautious to arrive safely. Not from terrorist attacks but your clothing and psychological aggression.

Funeral parking lots are also a mess. They carelessly park because spaces seem to be significant. It is sooner than you crisscross from one place to the other before you are torn apart at the linen.

I guess it would be rough on your side to find a replacement for the same. Remember, most funerals happen in the villages. What if you don’t own a car? And you did not carry with you a replacement? Busy places like cities and congested towns are also the hub of this vice.

In these towns, people meander with the locomotives at a close range. Whenever you walk, drive, or ride in a busy city, a higher percentage of movements are the locomotives’. And in this regard, they lead in areas with a higher risk of car number plates linen tearing.


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