Faulty UV Sterilizers Machines in Our Barbershop and Cosmetology Industry.

Photo by: Wikimedia commons

When in a Kinyozi, please the dear customer! Call for to know the functionality of your sterilizer machine. Many are faulty and are there to serve the disguise purpose. Your ignorance may lead you to various uncalled for infections like hepatitis and HIV.

To my dismay, some barbers shallowly brush the machine and place it inside to disinfect in a faulty device. Do you see what you will go through? Then pay him handsomely only to realize later the service was a crook one.

Better demand some spirits disinfection spray onto that WAHL MACHINE before the procedure begins. Talk freely with the barber to learn some facts. Don’t allow them for the provision of poor services, most importantly at you.

It is uncouth for a barber to cheat his way through the business that involves sensitive services. Shoddy, shaving activities might bring serious ailment in the ignorance of caution. Human life is very precious and is the actual determinant future of a person.

If a human being gets a proper treatment, he will come back over and over again. For the excellent establishment and of your fellow barbers, you must put the disinfection techniques at your fingerprints.

My pure research from the local and CBD barbershops has confirmed that 35% of the displayed disinfectant machines in our barbershops are faulty. 17.6% of those interviewed agreed to have shaved a customer without proper disinfection. The guilt in them causes deterrence to spray the shaving clippers with disinfectant.

According to NSW health. ‘‘Hairdressers and barbers do not carry out procedures that deliberately penetrate the skin. However, some procedures can damage the kin and knowledge about infection control to keep both clients and hairdressers safe from infection.’’

Personal Hygiene for hairdressers and barbers

Hands should be clean;

  • Before and after attending a client;- Some people are very reactive to contagious bacteria. It is also safe o clean after attending the client to be free from his bacteria.
  • Before and after the procedure:- any simple procedures like ear piercing requires a lot of hygienic measures.
  • After exposure to a body substance:- exposure to a body substance like harmful chemicals leads to their entry into the body.
  • After the removal of gloves:- gloves are always the sacrificial instruments equated with the dangerous substances during any procedure. When removing it after maybe the application of dyeing services, you are at risk of contracting the chemical onto it.
  • After touching a client surroundings

What should also be clean besides clippers;

  • Hair shears, i.e., clip art, silhouette, and hair gauges.
  • Combs: from the smallest to the most prominent comb should get disinfected to do away with germs.
  • Towels: they are mostly shareable. They require thorough cleaning with hot water and strong detergents.

The ignorance with comfort-ability of modern designing of chairs thicketed with colors of snake lights to decorations of the barbershop should not confuse a customer to think he is in safe hands.

Be bold because life is yours. Show them what you expect. Keep a clean look from point A to Z till he finishes sterilization. Put your phone in your pocket and monitor this two minutes exercise.

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