Barber Shop and Salon are Birds Of Different Feathers

By Royalty free hair cut photos

Barbershop and salon are not birds of the same feathers in some circumstances. As much as you might see many parallelisms, there are also complicated issues. Behind the curtain, they loosen their bondage of beauty and cosmetology disciplines.

Barbershop services to take little time to be accomplished while salon services to take a bit much time for the same. Shaving is technical because once the hair got cut, there is no rescind. One must wait for quite some time to have cut hair grow back to normal.

So the level of concentration needed when one is doing that chore is very high. Any slight mess rectification can take the whole decade. To shave one’s hair to fruition require experience with tolerance. Customers come over with different current hairstyles and outlining.

It is upon yourself to be on the toe to practice hard over and over again. No client on earth likes ‘matope’ services. The salon is complicated but easy to mend the mistakes made during the exercise. Women love discussing their issues at length and, a time they may shift their conversations to how a man has groomed or shaved.

It sounds nasty to the masculine who knows what he wants from the barber. They talk clear to be understood. They have learned that many men do not understand the ladies’ hairstyles and designs. Ladies, on the other hand, understand what it takes to be a barber. Many of them have shaved in one point or the other, and they can attest to this.

Men most likely will talk about politics and social trending development. Women are most likely to speak of love and relationship. It is here where they won’t discuss any biblical content.

Again so to speak, shaving is cheaper than ladies’ hair work. Some men are also afraid of being requested by those lazy ladies to pay their make-up costs. It is not a norm in this industry, but some ladies do it.


In my barbershop, I have friends who come to relax even after getting their hair shaved the previous day. The moment their numbers increased to three, or four persons, ladies who bring their children for shaving, find it very difficult to contain all those eyes from the men.

I have witnessed some going back in pretense. On the other side, the same applies. It is difficult for a man to handle many women in a salon. The argument must support them lest you become an enemy.

The funniest reason is mostly affecting men. Men are shy when it comes to borrowing for the service. Imagine a situation where a friend arrives, you attend to him, and I get paid after a week or a month, it depends on our agreement. A man will promise you to come back later when ladies shall have gone.

They may end up not coming back because they are not sure whether they shall get them gone. A gentleman in his expensive attires does not have the gut to ask for debt in service in public of ladies. It is possible but not possible too. Team ‘mafisi’ as usual will show off.

Nevertheless, it is in a barbershop where they don’t brag too much to feel the attention of those ladies. They know the consequences for which laughter may flow. It is an environment that does not favor them like drinking sprees. And that is why many single ladies are working in a salon, but you could hardly see them with men in that room. They respect that beauty room.

Even a lady is uneasy when his fiancée visits her in the salon, the thought of ‘nitanyang’anywa’ trickle in you. These two beauties items do not go together. Either designate them to close with each in its room or far away from each other. Capital consolidation in this discipline requires one to be very sober in mind to attract customers.

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