The Need to Wash your New Handkerchief Before The First Use

photo by: Pxfuel on Royalty free photos

If you could avoid bacteria as much as you can to a slimy possibility, the better for your body, we suffocate the body with many bacteria from all parts and corners of the world.

Yes, in our surroundings, we own them right from the coin and close to our cell phones. When buying that snot rag, you should be very careful and play healthy manners importance.

Since sellers and new customers hold them for selection, bacteria got contracted. They eventually spread to the next person. Fecal germs are the matter found in a dirty handkerchief. Even touching germ-infested one puts you at risk.

They cause bacteria like Salmonella, E. coli 0157. Because many people cough and sneeze when selecting them due to that dire need to wipe off the nose, when these germs get onto handkerchief hanged for sale, and customers buy without going back for wash off, they can be passed from person to person and make you sick.

Germs aside, many clothing items are also treated with chemicals-finishing agents and dye that can cause respiratory problems like adenovirus. Adenovirus can cause mild to severe illness. If you are one person whose immunity system is weak, you are at risk of developing an acute illness such as pneumonia, common cold, sore throat, and conjunctivitis.

Moreover, it gives you a direct walk to the washing machine. Eric Were, a Clinical doctor at Huruma Nursing Home, lamented to PinkRays Fashions about this. He diagnosed several patients suffering from Salmonella bacteria.

According to the Organic Trade Association: ‘’Cotton is considered the world’s ‘dirtiest’ crop due to its heavy use of insecticides, the most hazardous pesticides to human and animal health.

Cotton covers 2.5% of the world’s cultivated land yet uses 16% of the world’s insecticides, more than any other single major crop. Norovirus is a germ that causes vomiting and diarrhea when it got into the body.

I have witnessed many occasions where grownups remove the remnants from their mouth after the meal by a handkerchief. If you dare do that with a new, unwashed scarf, then be ready to vomit and diarrhea to death.

It is, therefore, your concern before a doctor broke the bad news. I am sorry for those who rush to getting a handkerchief along the street. The germs are there in waiting.

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