Short Sharp Pubic Hairs

Photo by: Wikimedia Commons

During the intercourse, the unspeakable act may have some immediate effects like irritations. Many vices cause irritations. The most noticeable one is the fierce pricking of the short sharp pubic hairs — the joint where both the pubic meet from the outside part for support is the primary victim.

The friction is intense when the doer does not change styles. It is vice from both partners, wherein one party decides to shave and give the date after 2 to 3 days. At this time, those hairs are very harsh and could cause direct injuries to either party during the intercourse.

When your straw is in a condom, be careful when inserting it in. The fragile tip requires only a slight cut from a sharp object to tear off. The real act without a condom is the worst per se’, the cuttings from the virginal hairs are practical. It is even more unsafe to insert it when bleeding.

It is disgusting for a man also if we don’t want to mention STIs to penetrate with a bleeding penis. Itchy pubic hair that persists is another problem with short hairs. The hair follicles get damaged during shaving creating unnecessary allergies, which eventually lead to infections.

The perennial raphe of a man is the most affected part. The point does not have enough hair, but if it had, then scrotal raphe is very slimy with skin. The ground pumping and marathon action cause the hairs to prick intensively, leading to injuries.

It could also trigger STIs bypassing the viruses and bacteria from the body to the hair tips then back to the collection of another victim. It is a situation likely in the commercial sex business. Mafunyu, my friend, should be very vigilant with that.

He is a frequent visitor to Sabina Joy. I am pretty sure when that lady gets service from her first three clients, he is more likely to contract viruses and bacteria such as vaginosis from the pricking sharp hairs.

Commercial sex business does not give one room to go and shower before another service. Pichanga, a cousin to my best friend, confessed to Pinkrays fashions with dilute morale of never shall he shave clean when he has a date.

‘’I read from online articles how shaving could boost my pubic area’s temperature and make me ejaculate many rounds. So, when my girlfriend called me for a date, I decided to shave the very day of her arrival to be neat and clean down there.

When she came, she had shaved three days earlier. Her sharp, tough sprouting hairs pricked me inside to my skin. I reduced the pace and changed all sorts of styles but had had the injury already. I could do nothing but seek medical attention.

The pricking penetrated through my soft shaved skin, causing severe sores and bumps.’’ He said with tiny goose pimples on her skin to symbolize former experience awkwardness.

Make sure you involved in enough foreplay before sex. It excites the secretion of vaginal fluids. These fluids provide lubrication during the real action. As health reformists, take advantage and bounce on air to avoid direct contact with your pubic.

Nonetheless, if you don’t listen to this article, you will find it very rough to go many rounds. Remember, psychological effects and injuries during sex annoy the penis to shrinkage the cave.

Afwanda traveled to rural home unplanned after severe injuries at the corpus spongiosum skin from his mpango wa kando. I laughed after he dropped the call. He would explain nothing to an understanding before his wife. She would at least understand him for having gone home unplanned to ‘attend to other errands.’

Afwanda told the Pinkrays that the hairs around labia majora scratched his corpus spongiosum till he could do no more sex. He recovered after four days then traveled back to the city.

These stubborn hairs can cause severe sore and germs at the rumps of a lady. If the couple decides to go a rear-entry position, then they would prick the clinical perineum-the area between the vagina and the anus.

A revelation from Asupi told us that one day shortly after her marriage, her husband came home drunk and requested her sex from keister; it did not last long before she complained of pricking. Her husband had just shaved two days ago.

Laser hair removal may be a solution for how to soften your pubic hairs in the sense that through the course of treatments, the patient has less and less hair, and the remaining hair becomes less coarse.

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