Sports Shoes are back with style, 2019

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They are also referred to as the running shoe (or trainer). They are a relatively new invention (just over 200 years). Initial trial and error at a sports shoe manufacturing began from leather. Unfortunately, it would stretch ugly when wet.

In 1832, the first breakthrough made limelight with Wait Webster patenting a unique process. Here, rubber soles got attracted to boots and leather shoes, and it eventually added value, taste, and quality into the sports world. The aftermath led to the creation of children’s Plimsolls. Children preferably loved it due to its lightweight and durability.

In the next 20years, In1852, another Britain (Joseph William Foster – the founder of the company Boulton, now known as Reebok) had the “eureka moment.” It resolved to add it (bottom of plimsols) with spikes towards the creation of what we now have as running spikes.

The fashionistas introduced them to cool their fans egos since then; it has warmed itself into customers’ hearts in everyday life. In Kenya, it is brightly clear that before the 2018 festive seasons, the sports shoe system had taken a step forward, and many had recognized it from all streets and corners of many towns.

It is right and evident that the sports shoe aspect is here with us again. It has crossed over to 2019 on a somber note. I have witnessed many ‘wazee’ and men in clothes joining the fare ground against their initial opposing the fashion while equating it to satanic or world affairs.


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