Dandruff Menace


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Dandruff is one of the significant embarrassments and annoying diseases in the world of fashions. It is the white flakes (some brown) substance that is produced by the scalp covered by the long hairs or the untidiness of the hair.

Styling dandruff as well as cleaning the hair with flakes is a no-making-sense issue more so in this 21st Century. Many youths, for instance, men who shave once a month, are more likely to develop flakes.

Again these groups of people clean their hairs when they bathe. This way, they do it sluggishly because bar soaps or toilet soaps might not be specified for that. Although many pieces of research have linked it with the youths, it is not the case because the aged are also victims of circumstances.

What Causes Dandruff


Blowing clouds of dust when trapped by the adhesive force. They mix with the oily hairs to bring a substance called flakes of dead skin. Unwashed hairs with dust cause dandruff to prove you wrong.

Oily hairs

Oily hairs are hard to deal with in that they trap dust, pollens, floor, and even smoke. The smoke effect clots the fatty substance in the strands, thus causing dandruff.

Poor Health/unbalanced diet

Lack of calcium in the body can cause the skin to produce scaly substances. It is here where they hide, they accumulate and form some flaky layers that uproot when scratched by combs. The overgrowth of a yeast like-fungus in the hair due to stress or hormones.

Sensitivity to skin products

Some people are sensitive to beauty products and cosmetics that barbers and salons apply after attending to customers. Body lotions and some aftershaves react with the skin to produce flakes.

Dry skin

It is also known as xeroderma or seborrheic dermatitis that causes scaly patches and red skin mainly on the scalp.

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