Understanding tummies, hips fats and weight gain on fashions 1.

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Tummies, hips fats and weight gain try to throw fashionistas in an array of psychological tortures. They have become hard nuts to crack for the designers to satisfy their customers.

Youths tend to be the most affected lot, due to the fact that they are the real steers of fashions. This is where one enjoys fashion the most. Money is everything in today’s dating right, but kijana…be rest assured to be turned down with that Madilu mode sort of dressing. These are what victims of these circumstances should put into consideration.


Tummy is simply a belly or a gut. It is caused by five main factors;

i. Lifestyle factor

This type of tummy is caused by engagement in lifestyle activities. Visceral fats fall on your sides to give you a different look. Excess alcohol consumption increases the amount of subcutaneous fat deposits in the abdominal part of the body. This presses visceral fats to budge out with some portly shapes. Sedentary lifestyles like sitting for too for duty or doing nothing and poor diet; I know pretty well what nyama choma could do for you if you could just try a single week without it.


If you are this type then drink less alcohol or quit completely.

Respect your diet. What you eat determines your outer look, as a fashionist, the rest are scientific. ‘‘It tends to be mindless eating and usually involves something sweet.’’ Says Zelman. ‘’Start a new habit—have a warm cup of tea, sparkling water, something non-caloric. Most importantly, quit eating anything after dinner.’’

Maintain physical exercise to increase fat burning in the body.

ii. Disease factor

This is mainly a stress belly tummy that is caused by high levels of cortisol. This concentrates fats around the belly button. There is also a low belly tummy that is caused by monotonous and overly exertive exercises. Belly fat is sneaky says Marcia Wade and, Dagogo-Jack says, you could have ‘’a false sense of security.’’


Going to bed early and having enough sleep is the best remedy here and include fruits high in magnesium content like avocado, banana and spinach vegetables.

Equal distribution of exercise

Drink more water

iii. Gene factor

Genes can determine your all-important fat accumulation on the waist. Researchers have identified 18 different pretty genes linked directly to this, thus stomach fat is actually genetic to some extent. However, genetics contribute a little in causing tummies in human health.

Remedies;  regular exercise to minimize more fats being stored

Healthy balanced diet

iv. Mommy’s belly/ After-birth factor

This is a soft belly you retain after having a baby. It is also called Diastasis of the Rectus Abdominus. During expectancy, the uterus growth stretches these muscles that cause separation even after birth.


check with your doctor or physiotherapist

Do regular exercises like walking, toe dips, glut bridges

A healthy balanced diet i.e includes a little wine after a meal.

Breastfeeding, that many mothers hate is also fundamental in toning down after birth belly. According to Babycentre UK ’’Breastfeeding also triggers contractions that help to shrink your womb, making it a workout for your whole body.’’

Hips fats

Hips fats are those subcutaneous harder to lose fats accumulating right under the skin of the hips making it bulge from outside that anybody else could see as it changes the shape of the victim.

Causes of hips fats

i. Lifestyle factor

Less consumption of water is one of the major causes of fat accumulation in the hip region. Less water in the body gives room for toxins and wastes to remain in the body for long thus resulting in fat accumulation.

Sedentary work and lack of physical activity require one to sit down for long while on that errand. This everyday job causes fat accumulation in the hip region and different parts of the body. A poorly balanced diet is also another lifestyle factor that affects many families. While they prepare their well-balanced diet, they forget to make it a healthy balanced diet.


Start your day with a glass of water and end your day with the same.

Yoga has been found to promote weight management. Yoga like mandras and Baddha Konasana keep you moving constantly which helps in fat burning. Practicing yoga helps in developing muscle tone and improving metabolism.

ii. Medical ailments

Medical ailments like arthritis, ankle, back pain, and neck pain patients accumulate more hip fats due to their nature of sitting at one point for long.

Improper Thyroid Functioning is also another medical ailment. It is a state where the thyroid hormone that regulates the metabolism rate in the body functions improperly to slow down the process. This causes excess accumulation of fats in the hip region.


Cardio and strength training exercises; target your hips and thighs and give them the shape you prefer.

Apple cider vinegar application on thighs and hips is also recommended because vinegar may turn on specific genes related to fat breakdown.

iii. Menopause

This is a natural phenomenon for women who are 45 years and above. Menopause naturally comes with weight gain. This is because the body undergoes several hormonal changes.


Eat plenty of protein

Eat foods high in soluble fiber

Drink green tea every morning and before bed

Include dairy in your diet.







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