Psychology in youth dress code.

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Youths are becoming more concerned with what they wear, the value of what they wear, how they wear it, how they behave after wearing it and what other people say about them. It is absurd to see you as a youth dress carelessness. With the new developments in infrastructure and technology, humans are free to mingle from one continent to the other to get the best quality products.

Youths of today stand a better chance of getting into a real circle of fashion, believe me, or not, the environment is favorable. The argyle is cheap and of many styles and characters with good fittings.

The turn-up trousers are out of date. It is filthy to dress like that, please your youth. You cannot be in that trouser that looks like the posho mill floor mouth. We used to pull it so hard so that the floor hidden inside should come out. We must value ourselves before others value us. It is good to put on that suit, in fact, a youth in a fitted coat looks decent and admirable. It only takes a different twist when that coat put on resembles those of grasshoppers or those we saw on Evolving World History form Four texts book used to demonstrate how they, of first and second world war, dressed.

Some youth dress with a lot of ignorance, they assume everything is normal with that fashion hanging on mheshima with an assumption of expensive grooming. Ng’oooo! You must be ready to distinguish between expensive mode of dressing and marching and fitting linen.

In Kenya, there are mitumba clothes that give a good sound to those who like unique swaggas. You can choose broadly the best apparels.

The tailored suit has become dominant even though they struggle before mitumba. They have been abused by youth because they are mainly used by wazee. Wazee do no mind, they bother nothing whatsoever. This makes them fit in any fashion unnoticeable. No one cares about them much. They had fashioned before.

Rubber shoes and an official trouser is uncalled for kind of fashion. Don’t do that here in town. Go and use them on grazing long-distance cattle. Tuk-tuks sandals are for bathrooms and toilets. Avoid them in public portrays, they could turn off that pretty lady. Be smart not to be a victim of a Yasser Arafat’s scuff in a parliament blue suit.

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