Fashions and Body Shapes

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Human body shapes have changed with time due to the kinds of foods and lifestyle we undertake. Lifestyle dynamism has changed our environment with a lot of certain social activities. These shapes matter when choosing the desired dress, and they determine whether one is fit for that particular garb.

Last time I outlined various theories of understanding the Tummies, Hips fats, and Weight gain and the measures to cab them. Therefore, as a designer and a quaintrelle, I will advise. Particularly, those who have tried in vain to lose weight and shapes.

Perhaps, you have tried strenuous physical exercises with no results. Changing and maintaining diets have born no fruits as well. Then, online herbal concoctions and medication advice have wasted your time. It is not your fault. It is your strength.

Come out of your shell, put aside the foolishness of shyness, and conquer the world. In you, there is beauty, that is portraying from the WORD GO. (Beauty that stirs our sensual moods).

Please take advantage of those beautiful eyes and express them smartly. With those hips fats giving you unfinished headaches, it is better to focus on those long legs driving people crazy. Make them up. Stand on them. Move elegantly with them and conquer the world. Designers have gone extra miles to make sure your shape is not a big deal when choosing that catchy dress.

From a small retail shop to most imported expensive shops, you will meet any clothing you desire, no matter the shape. Fashion is a very funny practical. You ignore it for an hour, and you are entirely out of place with many annoyed faces surrounding you. Dress like a nun in a night club? Oh! Relax as you wait for those who will sit close to you.


These are people with big guts. Fashion has not left them out as others try to soil that shape by dressing uncouthly and carelessly. They assume nothing is wrong whatsoever with how they dress, but in real essence, they have given the fashion, an absolute fashion mark ignorance.

Forget about them and show the trend of your match and worth. Loose clothes do not expose much ado of your tummy and ‘cushions.’  Pick on a pair of jeans that fits flat on your stomach. Be careful not to choose on the oversize, a massive person in oversized attire will always be associated with psychosis because the ambiguity is scary.

Avoid low waist and sagging trousers and shorts. The waistband does not allow that because they can easily give off effect whereby your belly fats get exposed even further. Tight short/trouser will not drape over your belly correctly. Remember, this is who you are.

Pull some good trouser with loose bottom lines. Tight short skirt (mini) could disappoint here because it goes against the force of gravity and begins to squeeze up, exposing your thighs and disclose them to your pant line. Pull down mostly silky material to maintain its posture.

Hips Fats

Hips fats are different from tummy in that they bulge out from both sides of the hips while the stomach is a gut that swells at the belly, bulging it forward.

Higher percentages are women with mature age. There is this hips fat that bulges slightly above the hips separating it from the buttock, and this one combines with the buttock. Designers used these theories to invent the right clothes that fit these people according to their desires.

Big Butt

Big butts are mostly collective in ladies. Booties do support the hips during pregnancy. However, some people feel laid back with such butts. Try t-shirts with v-shaped necks and square-necked shirts. They draw eyes upward and away from your midsection.

You like it or not, and all eyes must roll in that line. Could you give it a boost? You can go with or without panty (Somali ladies style?). Both shall fit well. But avoid panty with bold endings, they could bring some unnecessary extensions.

With big booties, I guess high-waisted jeans look pretty if you want to show off your butt, loose skirts and dresses work well if you’re going to show them off from far. It is also essential to consider a loose trouser if you have a tummy or rather hips fats with big booties.

Big Breasts

Also known as boobs. It is a compassionate part of the body and should be dressed up with much care. A high level of hygiene is required here. They give the body a good shape, and they deserve embraces.

Big boobs can be dressed prettily with some cautions due to its sensitivity. Put on a tight bra to collect them together for easy dress-up. Avoid close stretchy fabrics. Wear dresses in sturdy materials. Most of them are fitted through the chest to allow for comfortability. A boxy top that hangs straight down from your chest without billowing out is the best for such timelines.

Apple Body Type

It is the top-heavy body type. It is where the bust is more inches bigger than the hips with a slim bottom but with a wide shoulder. Wear clothes that accentuate top body parts. Wear attractive top or dresses which drape over your base.

Choose flared trousers or skirts or skinny pants. Wear them in a manner that draws attention away from your midriff. Do not come closer to tight dresses, trousers, or belts.

Wearing long sleeves is also the way to go for shy people. Long sleeves hide the color and always bring some simplicity. Remember, simplicity is a tool used in fashion to halt many questions to bring some power in one’s mind to the public.

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