Brushes of Beauty: The purposive different brushes of Beauty.

Photo by Tania Miron on Unsplash

The Earth is particularly beautiful. This beauty ranges from the geographical features, the climate of a particular area. Or rather should we talk about cities of a specific nation or something? The best way to experience the beauty of the World is by extensive traveling. This way, you are bound to see great things on this planet. Ask Prof Noah Midamba, the Vice-Chancellor of KCA University, as the most travel man in Kenya.

Human being creature has vastly contributed to the beauty of this Earth in an admirably appealing way. The human desire to invest more in beauty has increased with decades. Zion Market Research has estimated the Global Cosmetic Market to hit the USD863 budget by 2024. The invention of many colors vastly contributes to the beauty of the world.

Thanks, nature, for the flowers. Their multiple colors opened our inner eyes to see far in the field of attractiveness. Nowadays, when you change your typical dull environment (dull to you but beautiful to a stranger, you know!), you are bound to meet many beautiful things as compared to the 19th century.

Yes, nature was good but was boring with bushy like all systems. I am sure some didn’t enjoy it much because of the high level of illiteracy. Still, the elite group could only admire some loathsome drawings in towns. The world of beauty has changed; technology (manuar) is with it. Take a look at matatu design, beauty shops design, Billboards, shop items, linens, stadium, cities…they are full of tech-decorated-design.

I agree with the ‘designer’ terminology. Everybody doing art jobs in major towns in Kenya is using that terminology; am James, from Donholm, am a cloth designer: Am mercy from Westy 3rd year Student from Moi University am a photography designer. We are making it count, and it counts easy peasy with many brushes involves.

These are the brushes that have painted and decorated those beautiful things you see around.

i. Nature paintbrush
ii. Artificial paintbrush

Nature paint brushes involve the beauty of mountains, sunshine, vegetations, oceans, windfalls, etc. We shall not dwell much on this.
The artificial paintbrush is the beauty that nature did not provide, but the human being has worked on very hard to produce.

1. Computer-based brush: E-paint, printing and photocopy paint photoshopping, electric color,
2. Grooming style/fashion brush
3. Make-ups brush
4. Manual brush
5. Structures brush
6. Flowering brush
7. Motion Picture and photography

1.Computer-based paint brushes
It is anything that involves some technical know-how to give the earth its color.

#. e-paint brush.
It implies to the soft copy of a graphic design being sent through the system to the client for printing to produce visible images. Transformation to all computer-based brushes is undemanding. When printed, photocopied, or photoshopped, they are used to create beauty as stickers, labels, designs, and adverts.



#. Printing and photocopy brush.

It has done the world wonders by producing the best writing and image copy. For a structure, be it a building or stadium to be more pleasant, you will realize it has some good graphics and arts printed and photocopied mounted on the walls to display beauty. Automobiles business, household stationery, electronics, shops, and many more have adopted the graphics nature of decorations.

#. Graphics design.

It is the utmost brush here. Through it, the world has experienced imaginable beauty that nature did not provide. For instance, along Thika Super Highway at Rostus, you would see a billboard with an advert where the giraffes aboard the truck and they are yet to cross the underpass before they realize they are much taller.

The designer was mentally white brighter ( Kenyan English). Look at all labels of all the items you have bought from the shop, and you would realize that graphics played some parts. Didn’t you fall in love with what you purchased from the shop? Not only did you love the information, but information and graphics. (right?)

#.electric brush


Coutures are the real followers of the latest fashions. They used electric lights with different colors to portray beauty. In executive beauty shops, clubs, or restaurants, they are gracefully designed to soothe the heart of the clients, and indeed I have experienced it soothing.

Snake lights are becoming norms of beauty in the Kenyan society of decorations. They serve as light reflectors on motor vehicles, brand display, company name display, image drawings, coloring, and lighting.

2. Grooming/Fashion

Human beings grooming mode has changed to expensive complex attire modeled in an eye-catching way. Give a girl shoes, and she will conquer the whole world has come true.

Many people can afford their beautiful grooms. It is easier to admire the Indian dressing code, so do our Maasai community in Kenya. These are beauties that change the world perspective way of admiration., an online fashion Magazine, when expressing fashion said this: Fashion After 50 celebrates how we make clothes look good on you because your wisdom, laughter, and creativity show you how to dress your fashion archetypes. No younger woman can bring that full-bodied, abundant reservoir of inner savvy to life as you can. It’s time to feel good about the skin on you.

3. Make-ups brush


The world is moving forward, much creativity is evolving, and beauty is taking another level. Please stereotype group; do not talk ill of a lady of many make-ups.

She is neither a prostitute nor a whore. She is a banker. The next one is a journalist. The other is a University student. They must look good. After all, University is not a place where students learn all those immoral behaviors.

Allow your brothers and sisters to grow dreadlocks; they are the best African hairstyle. A city with a good GDP like New York City has beautiful ladies and models that most of us use on their wallpapers. When you travel and see them, you must be happy at heart, and this is beautiful.

4. Structural paintbrush


When the beauty of a place is determined, many people acknowledge the structures as one of their admiration. These people find it easier to visit a town for some refreshments the same as that got from the forested areas.

In that town, there are beautiful tall buildings that also catch the eye. The busier the market or a church, the higher admiration it possesses. The Babylon kingdom and its structures serve in Iraq as a tourist attraction site.

These monuments’ designings are peculiar in ways that attract customers. Right roads in an area are also admirable. They are useful to watch how vehicles move on a swift to the far end. Therefore, this is what has to say about the beauty and design of the above building.

‘A graceful building becomes iconic by striking a permanent pose. Such elegance in Architecture makes it a ‘timeless fashion.’ But this elegance goes beyond just the aesthetic covers of buildings. Within such timeless buildings lies a structure giving its aesthetics an extended life and imparting a visual identity to the building’.

5. Motion pictures and photography
Many businesses are using motion pictures to express the feelings of their clients. Many hotels, banks, beauty shops, and matatus are the leading users of motion pictures. When clients set their eyes on them, they relax and wait as they enjoy or follow.

Photography has advanced, thanks to smartphones. They contain the best camera that shoots quality images. People have used those photos to advertise themselves and their businesses. These good images are printable, photocopiable, or photo shoppable to satisfy other duties.

6. Flowering brush


Flowering brush started with indigenous flowers, which reflected beauty to humankind. Is where a human being could stroll in to relieve stress before picking some to smell. In this century, many inventions get channeled towards this.

Naivasha Flower plantations in Kenya is one of the beautiful places to visit. On the other hand, there are artificial flower firms that use fabric and clothes to produce the best beautification. They resemble flowers in all corners. They are durable as compared to ordinary blossoms. However, they don’t create scents and become annoying with time.


7. Manual brush

It is mostly the major contributor to the brushes of the beauty category. The manual painting of building still has a more substantial impact than banner or billboard designs. It is a field that has painted the earth vigorously from all corners.

Safaricom Sports Centre, Kasarani is painted green and white, and when you pass it on your way to CBD from Thika, you will admire it. Leave alone normal is boring group. The painting has given it its real look. It looks like that painting.

Spraying paint has categorically brought subtle textures with improved qualities. Automobiles and items like pieces of jewelry are sprayed with a thin coat to make them more beautiful. Enjoy artificial beauty of this space earth, combine it with nature, and shall go well with your heart.

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